Friday Favorite: Hurley House on Pinterest

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The part of Pinterest that I like best is being able to see what other people (who I know or respect) like. I enjoy knowing what my friends (and some strangers that I am pretty sure would be my friends) find beautiful or inspiring.  I love the sharing of pretty images and fun ideas as curated by some of my favorite people.

I have personal boards, but they tend to be paltry and get very little attention from me.  However, when it come to my Hurley House account, I find it very helpful and exciting to pin images that fall in line with what my company is all about.  I like reviewing these pins, and I find myself excited, spurred forward, called to raise the bar, inspired, and even more creative when I check out the lovely collection of images.

Have you checked out Hurley House is on Pinterest?

It’s no secret what you’ll find…Pretty Parties, Darling Decorations, Sweet Supplies, Perfect Packaging, Sweet Treats and, of course, our favorite recipes. If you want to see some pretty little things I love, be sure to follow Hurley House on Pinterest. I’d love to see what you love too!

Cheers to a great weekend!


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  1. Pip Bailey says:

    I do not see any other contact options for this web site. So, I’m leaving a message here. I ordered and paid for two of the CD’s on 9/11/2016. The post mark, for the 1 CD that was sent, is on 9/19/2016. The CD is, “Katherine Barnes…with my voice” and just to clarify I did order two CD’s through paypal. My Transaction # is: 9VV44329R9600351X and I only received one. I also didn’t receive any notice as to why only one CD came or when I might receive the other…unless a refund is necessary instead.

    However, I would like to receive the other CD since it was to be for a gift. I appreciate any help you can provide to give clarity on what I should anticipate.

    A better email, that I monitor more frequently, is

    Thank you for your consideration. I’m sorry if this is the wrong forum to leave this message but I didn’t see any other options.

    Blessings to you and thank you for your music.

    Pip Bailey

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