Friday Favorite: Halloween Costumes for Kids

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All year my four kids talk about what they want to be for Halloween.  Eleven months out of the year I say, “It’s not time to talk about Halloween yet.”  But, now, it is time to talk about Halloween costumes, and they are in full costume-planning mode.

I’ve been browsing the web for some creative options this year, and I found two bloggers doing series on homemade costumes for kids that I think are worth sharing.

Victoria from A Subtle Revelry just started a series on festive party-themed costumes. I think this birthday cake costume is one of the cutest homemade costumes I have ever seen. It just takes the cake!

Jordan from Oh Happy Day picked her ten favorite costume tutorials from last year. I love all of the ideas but her little strongman cracks me up!

What are your little ones (or you!) going as this year? Have you come across any creative ideas?

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