When someone asks me, “What do you do?” I tell them I am married to my best friend and have the privilege of staying home with our four children.  When someone asks me, “Who are you?” I tell them I am a celebrator, a chronicler, a musician, a creator, a hostess, and a lover of beautiful things.

I feel like two people sometimes.  I like to plan, organize, and think systematically.  But I also am driven to create, write, sing, and design.  My goal in navigating through life with my two opposite personality types  is to keep things simple, authentic, and practical, but never to compromise on inspiration, beauty, and elegance.   It is a push-and-pull between what is reasonable and what is desirable.  I like finding ways to have them both.

What you will find here is an extension and expression of how I live life with my family.

It is not a cooking website, but you will find recipes.

It is not a party-planning website, but you will find event ideas.

It is not a design website, but you will find inspiration.

It is not a craft website, but you will find projects and tutorials.

It’s not a music website, but you will see and hear my songs along the way.

This is a life website.  Full of variety, sometimes a touch of the unexpected, but always intentional.  And always…practically elegant.





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