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13 Responses to Contact Me

  1. I’m looking forward to getting a take a peek at your creative talents!!

    • Hi Katherine,
      I stumbled upon your site while cruising the internet during my sleepless hours last night. I like the homemade American feel the website and recipes. Being a true lover of books and literature, I especially like the typeset used in your memory books.

      Kind regards,
      Oyster Bay, NY

  2. Renda says:

    Please contact me concerning lyrics and melody line to 2 of your songs.

  3. Lynda Smythe says:

    I love seeing the pics of your kids and I’ll love the pie recipes.
    Thanks for thinking of me! Love, Lynda

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  5. Jana Avery Buis says:

    I love love love your website, Katherine! I just read it for the first time, and learned so much, and felt like I was hearing you tell me all of those things in person because your writing is so gorgeous and vivid! Love you and miss you!!!

  6. buy tramadol says:

    Perfect site, i like it!

  7. buy tramadol says:

    Great work, webmaster, nice design!

  8. puppy says:

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  9. Flora says:

    I just read the lemons post last night. It was full of wonderful ideas because I’m always wondering what to do with my bag of lemons. I can’t wait to explore the rest of your website. I’m so glad Andrea shared your website with me.

  10. dog says:

    [...] Contact Me | katherine sasser [...]

  11. Mindy Berthelot says:

    What an awesome website! So glad that Andrea shared it with me! I can’t wait to get more posts!

  12. sarah newburn says:

    yay! glad i’m blog stalking today.

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