Lyrics I Love

These posts are all about song lyrics that speak to me for different reasons.  Each post contains a printable copy of the lyrics at the end.  Click on each song title below to view the post.

{For Wendy…the Warden’s Wedding Song}


{How He Loves Us}

{Different Kinds of Happy}

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  1. Shelia M Giddings says:

    Hi I was trying to find a instrumental track or sheet music for Never out of my hands. I would love to purchase it so I could sing in my church

  2. Hi!

    Ainslee Palmisano Crum gave me your CD back in 1996ish. I still love it! I’m looking for the lyrics to You’re Never Out of My Hand. I have the song, so I’m just looking for the lyrics.

    Thank you for singing!

    Mary Beth

  3. A says:

    I hope that you will be able to help me. I have been trying to locate the lyrics to one of your songs, as well as purchasing the CD it is located on, but I have had absolutely no luck. I’ve asked a couple of our local CHRISTian radio stations, which have played your song in the past, but neither have responded back to me.

    I am looking for the lyrics to “You’re Never Out of MY Hand”. This one of the MOST beautiful and spiritually uplifting songs I’ve ever heard!!

    Can you, please, give me those lyrics and let me know where I may purchase the CD.

    I thank you, in advance, any assistance you may be able to provide.

    A. Lord
    (Blessed are YOU, LORD, OUR GOD, SOVEREIGN of the Universe)

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