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The Fort Worth Shower

Rachel recently had a shower here in Fort Worth to celebrate her upcoming marriage.  Five of my friends hosted the event, and they put together such a lovely party.  Here are some photos from the celebration. Annie and Rachel in … Continue reading

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Two Big Announcements

We had a very big weekend around our house, and I have so much exciting news to share!!  If I were standing in front of you I would be jumping up and down and clapping my hands together as I … Continue reading

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A Sweet Sendoff

It’s official.  Our sweet Rachel has left the nest, spread her wings, and flown away to a new life and a new job in Austin.  I still can’t believe it.  Of course, we are all thrilled for her new opportunity … Continue reading

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Rachel’s Birthday {24}

This week {and next} I am finally getting around to publishing some posts that got neglected due to Scott’s death.  It’s funny how time seems to have passed both quickly and slowly over the past few weeks.  Today I am … Continue reading

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Rachel’s Baptism

It happened again.  I saw it.  A glimpse of the eternal, manifesting itself in our broken world, if only for a few sacred hours.  Two Sundays ago we celebrated Rachel’s baptism. Her story is unique, but it’s the story of … Continue reading

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Meet Rachel

Rachel. If you know our family, you know how sweet this name is to all of us.  However, some of you may not know our family well, and seeing as her influence is going to be all over this website, … Continue reading

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